My Easter Debauchery

For the last 40 days I’ve had no alcohol, no candy, no soda and, with the exception of some barbecue extravaganza’s, have kept my calorie intake in the 1,500 to 1,800 range.

So I started off this morning with a chocolate rabbit and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

I kid. I kid.

Much to my own surprise, I haven’t had either booze or candy yet today. This, despite my promises to the contrary. This, despite the Easter basked it–one I purchased with my own two hands–stuffed with chocolate.

Instead, I started off the day with yogurt and Grape Nuts, then went down to Starbucks for a couple of hours to get some writing done.

And then I went to Popeyes.

Oh yeah. Popeyes. Three piece dark with a side of red beans and rice. And a large Coke. To be honest, I don’t know which was better, the Coke or the chicken. But both were damn good. I usually get a Fanta Orange when I go to Popeyes, but since I hadn’t had a soda in so long, I wanted the real thing.

Now, I may nap. But not until after having some sort of candy. Robin Eggs or Cadbury Mini Eggs? These are the type of hard-hitting decisions that a guy like me must face.

And then after the nap, perhaps I’ll go for a drink somewhere.

Why This Atheist Gives Up Booze for Lent

Lent is once again upon us. For those of you who aren’t Catholics, Lent is the 40 days necessary to recover from Mardi Gras hangovers. Or, alternately, it’s the 40 days in which you prepare yourself for the most important day on the Christian calendar, Easter. (You’d be forgiven if you thought Christmas was the most important due to the commotion and marketing bonanza. But rest assured that if U.S. marketers ever figure out a way to use a grisly execution and resurrection to move merchandise, Easter will regain prominence.)
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