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Mark Wahlberg shouldn’t apologize

all-the-money-in-the-worldThere are a number of good examples to make the case of egregious pay disparities between men and women in Hollywood, but the reshoot for “All the Money in the World” isn’t one of them. (Quick recap: They had to reshoot the move. The cast and crew supposedly volunteered or worked for next to nothing, except for Wahlberg, who was paid $1.5 million.)

If anything, it’s an example of some people getting played for chumps and then getting mad about it after the fact. It’s a case of not realizing your importance in the capitalist machine. Or, to sound like a communist, it’s the labor not realizing they control the means of production.

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Eating Louisiana: A few photos

I’m home in Louisiana for the holidays. And that means food. Lots and lots of food. How has it gone so far? Let me show you.

1. Fried shrimp platter from Soileau’s in Opelousas, eaten upon completion of 25 hour drive from New York.

2. Sunday morning breakfast. Boudin and cracklins from Ray’s. (Billy’s boudin recipe, though.) Donuts from Mikey’s. I ate a lot more than what is on this plate.

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Carrying on in the face of terrorism — and jackasses

Yesterday morning while on the way to work, I stopped to take a couple of photos. One was a lovely shot of lower Manhattan. The other was of a handful of helicopters hovering over the city like buzzards over a carcass. There’d been a bombing in the subway, so every news outlet in the tristate area had eyes in the sky to provide viewers with one-of-a-kind shots of NYC rooftops.

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Donald Trump is the father of us all

“Who ya gonna believe? Me or your own lying ears?” Photo by Gage Skidmore

So Donald Trump is now suggesting that actual audio tape of him talking about grabbing women by the cooter could be fake. This even after he previously admitted that it was his voice on the tape and that he did, indeed, say those things.

Sure, previous Liar in Chief Bill Clinton tried to weasel himself out of a corner by arguing over the legal definition of “is.” (And I wouldn’t put much past either of the Clintons when backed into a corner. Those two are like badgers.) Those were different times, though. Hell, we didn’t know that we were supposed to believe all women, all the time. Apparently, Hillary didn’t either. She especially didn’t believe the ones who accused Bill of nonconsensual attacks and rape.

But in this case there is actual audio proof AND a confession from the man himself.

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Debriefing: Marine Corps Marathon 2017

One of these things is getting creaky, old, and doesn’t cooperate anymore. The other one is my body.

Sometimes you run the race you trained for. Sometimes you run the race you wish you’d trained for. The latter will get you into trouble.

Last weekend, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. All season long, I’d harbored hopes of another PR (that’s personal record for you non-sporty types; for the Brits, yes, it’s the same as Personal Best).

A PR would have meant completing the race in under 3:59:39.

I finished in 4:41:03.

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Don’t Taint Your Run! A Marathon Packing Checklist

Pro tip: For better results, bring a matching pair. Failing that, bring one for the left foot and one for the right.

So you’re not only doing something as foolish as running 26.2 miles on your day off, you’re going out of town to do it. Since your already-addled brain has probably been made worse by a combination of Taper Crazies, race anxiety and stress over that one stupid thing at work, I thought I’d help you with this packing list for your out-of-town marathon.

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Back to the Beginning: Hamptons Half Marathon

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 5.10.33 PMI’m running the Hamptons Half Marathon in Southampton tomorrow. It’s sort of a return to the beginning for me.

Prior to running it for the first time in 2010, I had actually run the New York City full marathon twice. But the Hamptons was the first time I ran a race with Team in Training. And it’s where, thanks to the kick-ass coaches of Team in Training, I learned the proper way to train for a long-distance race without doing something stupid or hurting myself.

2010 was a hell of year.

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