What Our Christmas Tree Looks Like

tree1 That right there is our fine looking Christmas tree. It’s a Frazier Fir of about five feet in height (should it go missing and I ask any of you to look for it). Note, too, that there’s a big Snoopy and a snowboarding dog shredding some pine-needle powder.

One thought on “What Our Christmas Tree Looks Like

  1. Nice tree, Ken! Fraziers are totally worth the price. Advice for removing it: buy a cheap bedsheet at one of those linen shops that always has the 50% off sign in the window. Wrap the tree in the sheet and use some packing tape to seal it like a dead body (hey, my husband’s Italian American so we go with it!) Drop it outside, ideally in a park so it can be recycled, and remove the sheet so you can reuse it next year. Ta da! No needles to clean!

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