Brits Discover the Joys of Squirrel Eating

squirrel“With literally millions of squirrels rampaging throughout England, Scotland and Wales at any given time, squirrels need to be controlled by culls.” So begins an article in The New York Times about the Brits adding gray squirrel to the menu. Granted, you have to take such reporting with the Times with a grain of salt as their reporters seem to be particularly gullible when reporting about food trends in strange places.

I don’t have to tell my Louisiana readers that squirrel is still eaten there.  Indeed, in Ville Platte, La., the Friday before squirrel season starts (in October), the kids get the day off of school. Before any New Yorkers  get any silly ideas about just walking up to one and grabbing it, the squirrel in the wild (as opposed to the one in Manhattan and on college campuses) isn’t exactly easy to find or shoot. In 18 years of living in Louisiana, I managed to shoot exactly one (1). I’ve eaten a lot more, but killed only one. Men will stand in the woods for hours and not see a squirrel … because the squirrels KNOW better than to show their damn faces.

Same goes for the deer. (Comments here are worthy of a chuckle or two)

One thought on “Brits Discover the Joys of Squirrel Eating

  1. Gordon Ramsay took up this issue a while ago on his show The F Word. It’s on BBC America and a lot easier to watch than Kitchen Nightmares.

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