Academy Loses Viewers One at a Time

Dead Serious says he won’t be watching the Academy Awards this year. What does it matter? Dead Serious watches movies like other people breathe air. Dude LOVES movies. But he doesn’t love crap. And he doesn’t love to see crap being rewarded. I’d bet a hundred bucks that if the Academy had gone with Dead Serious’ picks over the years they wouldn’t see a huge erosion in ratings — and they wouldn’t have had to sacrifice artistic integrity either.

4 thoughts on “Academy Loses Viewers One at a Time

  1. I should say that sometimes I DO love crap, but usually it’s when I go into it knowing that it’s crap because–let’s face it–sometimes you need a crap movie. But you’re right: one thing I don’t love is when people try to polish a turd and tell me it’s an opal. I have to think that a big part of the problem is that studios are now thinking too hard about how to position a film for the Golden Globes, Oscars, etc. It’s become important for them to flood the end of the year with the films they’d like to see in the awards ceremony, so that they will be fresh in the voters’ minds. The awards ceremonies have become the impulse aisle at the supermarket checkout. You know, where they have the gum and candy bars and batteries and what not because they know that those items will be the last ones you see as you prepare to make your purchase.

    God, I’m so disillusioned with the whole thing.

  2. Yeah, crap has it’s place in the movie ecosystem. Like, if I’m fllipping through the channels and I see that Joe Dirt or Saving Silverman is on (and when isn’t one of them on), I’m totally going to lose two hours.

  3. Saving Silverman…oh man, now I wanna watch that again.

    “Love on the rocks…ain’t no surprise.”
    That line, and the bit with Steve Zhan running to Amanda Peet at the wedding always crack me up.

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