Cancer Vanquished

Well, that’s done with. I’ll say this much: There are things that the mind isn’t meant to protest. One is the sight of one flimsy layer of skin separating your nose cartilage from the air. Yeesh. Didn’t need to see that. I’d seen a photo, but the photo made it look like a scrape. The reflection in the mirror looked like–well probably what we imaging Michael Jackson’s nose to look like.

But the plastics people at MSKCC — which all seem to have gone to the HOT DOCTORS MEDICAL SCHOOL — stitched it all up without even using a skin graft. So no dick- nose jokes for the rest of you. Ha.

3 thoughts on “Cancer Vanquished

  1. Dang. My dermatologist is a very soft-spoken older gentleman. Nice guy, but he’s not HOT.

    Some guys have all the luck.

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