I Have a Question About ‘Caprica’

The Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica, is available on DVD and for download today. I’m definitely going to give it a shot. But something doesn’t make sense to me. This show revolves around Admiral Adama’s dad, so it’s not separated from BSG by a whole hell of a lot of time. Am I supposed to believe that within the space of 58 years, the Cylons are invented, escape to Earth 1, build an entire civilization from scratch, invent more Cylons, nuke Earth 1, and then come back to nuke the 12 colonies?

Or am I missing something?

One thought on “I Have a Question About ‘Caprica’

  1. The cylons that are invented in Caprica are the ones who nuked the 12 colonies. A whole different group of cylons were created on Kobol, went to Earth 1, nuked Earth 1, then came to the 12 colonies and helped the cylons (created in Caprica), who were fighting the colonials, create the 12 humanoid models.

    So, in the 58 years, the cylons rebelled, fought the 1st cylon war, created the humanoid models, than nuked the colonies in the BSG miniseries.

    Hopefully this may help to clear things up.

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