New York Is So Liberal …

How liberal is it? So yesterday, a cow escaped from a slaughterhouse in Queens and started wandering around, scaring the citizenry who undoubtedly thought it was a raging tiger or three-toed sloth escaped from the zoo.

Let’s skip over the fact that there are slaughterhouses in Queens that handle cows. Let’s not ask ourselves where the live cow came from and how it got there. I never thought to ask about the goats and sheep slaughtered in Queens and Brooklyn so it would seem a bit discriminatory if I start raising questions because it was a cow.

No, let’s focus on this: After catching the cow, authorities will send it to an animal care center rather than* back to the slaughterhouse. What? The cow was at a slaughterhouse. It was there specifically to be turned into burgers. So it makes a break for it and is rewarded with a complete pardon. Do you know what kind of message it is we’re sending to the rest of the cows? Why don’t we just let them all free. And next we’ll do it with the people prisons as well.

*Dear Reuters? See what I did there? I used “than” rather than “then,” unlike you. You running an illiterate blog or a professional news outlet?

3 thoughts on “New York Is So Liberal …

  1. I, like Reuters, am not all that clear on the use of “then” and “than”, I prefer to use “than” rather than “then” because most of the time I feel like I am using something in place of something else, not so much at a different time.

  2. Let me drop some knowledge on you.
    Use than when COMPARING things.
    Bigger than, less than, smarter than and also, rather than, other than, etc.

    Use then only when referring to time or a sequence of events. I got that shit wrong, then I corrected it. I ate the last cookie, then my baby started crying. Back then, I only drank Crown Royal.

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