When Cadman Plaza Looked Like Queens

As a resident of the Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights area, I have a love-hate relationship with Cadman Plaza. I love the open space and the soft-easy-on-the-knees cinder track. I hate that it looks like the Wolverines from Red Dawn failed and the Commies built half the stuff in and around the park. That said, this video reveals what it was like “back in the day.” It was a cluster-farg of elevated train tracks and NOISE and … well, it’s funny to think the plaza would not be a plaza had historical preservation groups been around back then. No, instead it would look like the lovely Roosevelt Ave. area of Jackson Heights. (Then again, maybe real estate would be cheaper in the area.) This comes from The Brooklyn Heights Blog.

One thought on “When Cadman Plaza Looked Like Queens

  1. Very interesting stuff. Way too much use of the “Ken Burns effect,” though; even Ken Burns doesn’t use it for every image he shows.

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