The Christmas Tornado

You know it’s Christmas Eve in Louisiana when you’re under tornado warning for the next fifteen minutes and you’re sitting in a chair, drinking coffee and looking out the window to try to see one! (Full disclosure: We haven’t seen one. And we’re probably just a tad outside the official warning zone.)

But hey, it is 71 degrees and I was beat down by a 10.99 all-you-can eat fried catfish and fried shrimp (yes, at the same time) dinner last night. (Wednesday’s, Miss Johnnie’s in Krotz Springs.)

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Thanks for following along. Thanks for the support. Endeavors such as these would be impossible without you.

One thought on “The Christmas Tornado

  1. Tim and I were staying south of Abbeville at the farmhouse where I grew up. It’s a rickety wooden structure sitting on concrete blocks. (Very nice concrete blocks, but still.) My dad texted me: “Well, y’all are going to have to run like hell into the coulee.” In the end, we barely even got any rain. But there was a tornado in Gueydan, I heard.

    Happy New Year! and Happy Book Launch!

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