Things I’ve Eaten Today

Breakfast this morning was a smoked sausage and egg biscuit at Jim Neely’s Interstate Barbecue. In the Memphis airport. Now, of course, you’re thinking, “Airport. Doesn’t count.” Well, let me tell you. Jim Neely his own damn self was in there checking on things, holding court with customers about the Food Network, barbecue, running restaurants and his nephew. Good enough for me.

After my flight landed in Baton Rouge, I killed some time out on the Mississippi River levee while waiting for Nick. He was at the circus with his mom. Things I saw on the levee: a man on a unicycle and a artist/bride painting in her wedding dress as part of a project/photo shoot. Mess the dress. Rock the frock. Interesting. No, this wasn’t done out of anger. She’s still married. Something about brides no longer passing down dresses, so why not turn them into art. Interesting concept from the photographer, who runs Amanda Blythe Photography. Here’s a photo.

Okay, so those weren’t things I ate today. Soon enough I realized it was hot. Damn hot. And I was hungry. So lunch was at Poor Boy Lloyd’s downtown Baton Rouge. Shrimp po-boy. It’s not going to compete with Old Tyme Grocery in Lafayette, but it hit the spot.

Gathered up Nick, then went to my dad’s in Krotz Springs. While there, ate some boudin.

Then we went to dinner at the Steamboat Warehouse in Washington. Dear lord. This appetizer? Gulf shrimp stuffed with oyster then wrapped in bacon and then deep fried. Sadly, one thought that I better get it while the getting is good, considering BP may have made all of that a thing of the past. My entree I went with the pork tenderloin. I almost never get pork tenderloin because it’s usually served up as a dry bit of the white side of pork. Not tonight. Tender and delicious and I ate the whole thing. Also tried the quail — which I almost ordered but both my dad and my stepmom ordered it so I figured there’d be enough to go around.

Not bad for the first day.

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