This One Time at Band Camp . . .

It was a sweltering day, we’d been standing out there marching, marching, marching. Things just weren’t coming together. Clouds rolled in, cooling us off just a little. It thundered. Violating every safety guideline in the books, we were kept in the field.

I think I was standing in on the forty or forty-five yard line when it happened. A bright flash accompanied immediately with a crash of thunder. Kapow. One of the girls in the flag corps went down.

It’d be a much better story, I guess, if she were actually struck by lightning, but she wasn’t. Well, if she was, then it was the kindest bolt of lightning in the world as she got up soon after and we all hauled ass for shelter.

And this was your lame story for this week. Lame post brought to you by Dawn Summers.

3 thoughts on “This One Time at Band Camp . . .

  1. LOL. I assure the readers of Ken Wheaton’s blog that I am NOT to blame for this lameness. Hmm…I guess it’d be more efficient if I just emailed Anwyn directly, huh? (Ohh, buurrrrnnn!! See what I did there, Mister 30 billion twitter followers man? #stilljellus)

  2. I was only off the blogs for a week because of houseguests … and now I am confused but vaguely flattered?

    I too have been to band camp. No lightning was harmed in the making of this camp.

  3. OH. I get it. The week off the blogs made me slower and dumber, but I expect to make a swift full recovery.

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