Flew the Coop

The things you see in Brooklyn. Like this poster for a missing pigeon. “Dennis” was last seen crossing Atlantic Ave. by Court Street, which is exactly where this photo was taken. Maybe Dennis was going to Trader Joe’s or Sahadi’s. Obviously this either a joke or “art” or both. While taking the photo this morning, some guy pushing a stroller asked me if I’d put the poster up. I did not take credit for this bit of genius. (And neither did I call the phone number. )

A very unique individual

2 thoughts on “Flew the Coop

  1. Every work day, as I walk to the bus stop across the street I think of Dennis. In fact, yesterday I’m pretty sure I spotted Dennis. I asked politely, “Dennis, is that you?” I think the dispatcher at the car service thinks I am a little insane. I just cracked up. I love Brooklyn!

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