You Gonna Have Yourself a Case, I’ma Break Your Face

A little Monday morning jam for you. My cousin Nasen posted something about Rockin’ Sydney’s “Don’t Mess With My Toot Toot” on Facebook this morning and I had to find the song and give it a listen. It’s early yet, but I imagine that entire side of the family plus over half of Ville Platte will comment on his status.

Nasen was probably too young to remember this part, but I have a memory of a bunch of little coonasses walking the grounds of Chicot State Park in Louisiana. Chad, the oldest of the boys, had a huge 1980s jambox perched on his shoulder and we walked around, sweating Deep Woods Off, listening to this Zydeco song like we were the baddest things in the park. Because we were.

3 thoughts on “You Gonna Have Yourself a Case, I’ma Break Your Face

  1. I surely dont remember that particular time but every time I hear that song I think back to my younger days, usually early sat & sunday morning listening to the Rockin Sydney cassette over and over. As much as I like “Toot Toot” my favorite was Jalapena Lena. “Has any body seen her? My Jalapena Pena Lena?”

    Trying to find a link to it but I guess its not as popular as Toot Toot

  2. Funny! there is a spanish version of that song called “No te metas con mi Cu Cu” (Don’t mess with my CuCu). In this song CuCu refers to a person’s behind. Here is the link in you tube watch.

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