Victoria’s Secret? She Hates the Saints

I was told earlier this week that Victoria’s Secret’s new Pink NFL lineup doesn’t include the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints. So I put my “journalism” “skills” to work to see what it was all about. Every other journalist out there might as well go home, because the resulting piece is surely this year’s Pulitzer winner.


6 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret? She Hates the Saints

  1. So, you found a way to write about your favorite football team and lingerie *for work*? This is how Ken Wheaton wins at life. I mean, Eliza. Eliza Wheaton.

  2. Dawn,
    Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I did not realize that you had gone to the trouble of starting a football blog. God knows there aren’t enough of them out there. And God knows you don’t have enough blogs already. And God knows what I really want to put in my RSS feed is a football blog written by a Patriots fan!

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