My Beautiful Brain

So I got a call from the neurologist yesterday. After diagnosing cluster headaches, she’d sent me in for an MRI just to be safe. As I explained yesterday, cluster headaches are basically man migraines. According to some of the literature they’re brought on by alcohol and preserved meats high in nitrites — pretty much the only two food groups I eat on a regular basis. The neurologist, however, sort of rolled her eyes at the literature and said they really had no idea what the hell caused them (not surprising, considering I found that drinking actually made them go away!).

At any rate, a part of me was hoping the MRI would turn up the dormant nubbin of an evil twin just hanging around in my head somewhere. It would explain so much. But no. The scan came back clean. Indeed, the neurologist said it was beautiful. So I got that going for me.

“Say baby, did you know I have a beautiful brain?”

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