There Are Two Types of Men in the World

There are two types of men in the world:

1. Those who, while standing at a urinal doing their business, think it’s perfectly fine to pick their noses and then wipe the results on the wall in front of them.

2. The rest of us, who stand there confronted with the results of such people, thinking, “Seriously, dude? What the fuck?”

4 thoughts on “There Are Two Types of Men in the World

  1. I’m neither. Because I don’t stand up to pee. But, while you were on vacation, Dr. Oz educated the world on Oprah that we pick our noses an average of 5 times an hour. Now, that doesn’t mean we have to wipe it on walls. But, I’m just saying. FIVE TIMES AN HOUR. That deserves a WTF too.

  2. My gentleman friend works in finance. I kindly gifted him a silly band (it was white and in the shape of a skull and cross bones so it was very manly, don’t judge) and he was wearing it one day. Apparently someone at a urinal commented on it. He was like “dude, why are you looking at my silly band right now?!” ha. You men and your man code!

  3. EWWWW. DUUUDE. If I wanted to know what goes on in men’s rooms, I’d spend the money for the operation. THERE IS A CODE, code violator!

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