All You Need to Know About Caprica Fans

As a huge Battlestar Galactica fan, I really wanted to like Caprica. But I couldn’t. The show started off weak and gained a little steam by the end of the first season. And then this season is started off really, really weak and gained a little steam before SyFy just canceled it. It was a shoddy mismash of soapy elements, muddled religious and sociopolitical themes, entirely too many flashbacks, a cloying score, ham-fisted dialogue and questionable directing. It was as if, hearing that Battlestar Galactica was smart social commentary, the people responsible said, “Hey, let’s do more social commentary.” But folks, social commentary works best in cartoons and space operas because the viewers get sucked up in the action or the silliness. Here we were literally being preached at on a weekly basis.

Now Caprica fans — all 116 of ’em — plan to mount a “Jericho”-style attempt to get SyFy to change its mind. Fans of Jericho got CBS to extend the season by mailing execs thousands of packages of peanuts. Caprica fans? They’re gonna mail apples.

I’m sure the U.S. Postal Service and SyFy execs will appreciate the effort. Because we all know how well apples ship. I swear, though, if Caprica fans piss of SyFy execs so much they kill the other Battlestar Galactica prequel, I’m gonna beat some heads.

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