Inception for Best Picture?

“Inception” got nominated for best picture? Boy, some people are lucky they expanded the category to 10. I’d say no way that would have been nominated in another year, but you never know with these clowns.

But hey, maybe “Best Picture” means good acting, cool fight scenes, lots of noise … and a movie that doesn’t make a fucking bit of sense — except to people who like to claim superiority by saying it made perfect sense. “Inception” is like faith. You either have it or you don’t — and the “logic” used by the faithful is equivalent to the logic used by those trying to square the Book Genesis with evolutionary science. So save your breath, “Inception” defenders. Talk till you’re blue in the face, wave your pamphlets around, try to drag me back into the temple to blow another two, three, four hours (how long was that movie anyway?) of my life.

To which I say: “Go sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here.”

What should win? I don’t know. The only other movie I saw was “Toy Story 3.” Loved it, but don’t think it has a shot. I say “The King’s English” or “The Fighter.”

3 thoughts on “Inception for Best Picture?

  1. They omitted “Blue Valentine” — but of the films actually on the list, only “Winter’s Bone” was a superior effort. “Inception” and “True Grit” have no business being on this list, regardless of how much I enjoyed them. Why not “Tron Legacy”?

  2. Hey, at least they didn’t include The Tourist. I will say that I really liked Inception, and at the risk of sounding pretentious, I found it convoluted, but not necessarily non-sensical. I thought it was far better than The Social Network, which seemed more to me like a movie of the week, with one-dimensional characters (excepting Andrew Garfield). That said, I have to agree with Bill that Winter’s Bone was the best film of the year, and I’d sure like to see Jennifer Lawrence win for Best Actress.

    (Full disclosure: I haven’t seen three of the films on the list, but I plan on seeing two of the three in the next couple of weeks.)

  3. Two more things:
    1) They should have included The Town in Best Picture.

    2) Inception should win for cinematography, though. Don’t know if it will. As you know, I gave up on the Academy long ago.

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