Sorry for the Lack of Posting

If you’re the sort who comes to Word O’ repeatedly to see what kind of wisdom I’m dropping, I’m sorry. You obviously should find something more enriching to do with your life.

Ha! See what I did there? I made fun of the few people who read this blog. Which is a dickish thing to do.

But anyway. Where I’ve been. Here in New York, as usual. But it’s Super Bowl week. Normally, it’s crazy enough here in the offices of Advertising Age. We cover marketing and advertising, and the Super Bowl is, uh, well, it’s the Super Bowl of advertising.

This year, though, the duty of writing reviews of all the ads fell to me. You can imagine trying to get all the ads from all these companies isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Sure, half of them leak out accidentally or purposely on the web before the game. But a lot of these guys are still really secretive. My coworkers–the reporters here–do a good job of getting most of the spots ahead of time. But there are moments when we have to get blustery. And at one point I had to leave my office and go to another office to view an ad on someone’s computer because it was that secretive.

And I had to write the reviews. Other folks at work picked up quite a bit of my slack, but it still took a lot of time.

So I’ve been busy doing that. If you’re interested to see what I’ve got to say about the ads, check out Sunday after the game.

3 thoughts on “Sorry for the Lack of Posting

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