187 Pounds

The new apartment is still a mess. I’ve got the bedroom sort of set up and the TV and internet hooked up, but the office is a cluster as is the kitchen. Despite hiring movers on Saturday, between pitching in and moving stuff in both apartments and the cleaning and garbage removal in the old place yesterday, I woke this morning feeling like I’d been rolled up in a blanket and beaten with a baseball bat. Lots of calories burned! And since I haven’t had any meat, alcohol or sweets since last Tuesday, I figured I’d shed a few pounds.

Well, I’m 187. The Wii Fit graduated me from overweight to obese. (This is based on BMI, which is based on a crude formulation of height and weight. At, 5’6″ I think my “ideal” weight is a laughable 165. Ha!)

At any rate, I’m sounding like a chick, but by the time May rolls around, I better be at least 10 pounds lighter. Gotta lighten up before barbecue season starts. I’ve got a backyard to put through its paces.

Time for bed.

2 thoughts on “187 Pounds

  1. Good on you Ken.
    So you let God put you on a diet? Man, you Catholics.
    Also, I’m 5’11.5/182 and wii says I’m supposed to be 170. i don’t see it.

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