177 Pounds

It’s amazing what cutting out booze, meat and most sugars (except fruit and honey) will do for your weight. Upping the running doesn’t hurt, either. I think I need to get back into the weight room, though. I’m afraid I’ll lose weight everywhere except the ole gut. (FYI, 177 is what I weigh. I’ve lost 10 pounds. Just clarifying after someone on Twitter asked me if I lost 177 pounds.)

Last night, I had a dream that I ate a couple of cookies by accident. I was upset with myself. If you’ve quit smoking, you’ve probably had these dreams. I still have them, over 10 years later. I dream that I smoked a cigarette and I wake up pissed off at myself because I can no longer say it’s been over 10 years. Then I realize I haven’t smoked. And last night, I didn’t eat any cookies.

I’d like to report that cutting out the booze and restaurant meals has saved me a lot of money — and I guess it has — but that’s been canceled out and then some by the shopping I’ve been doing in the wake of the move. Furniture, odds and ends, more furniture. Bleeding money over here. I’ve got two things left to buy. One of those over-the-toilet cabinet things for the bathroom.

And the smoker. This is the bad boy I have my eye on, but of course it isn’t in stock anywhere around here at the moment because Home Depot is a clown show. (Also, I don’t know why it’s listed at that price online. All the stores I’ve called said that in the store it lists for half that.)

But I’m not eating meat at the moment anyway, so no need to rush that one.

3 thoughts on “177 Pounds

  1. Dude, just have Gardiner mail you the one he has. He’s always trying to get rid of it. Even better, get daddy and the clan to drive it up your way.

  2. I have a terrific smoked carrot and tofu recipe if you happen to buy it before the end of Lent and want to put it to work.

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