‘You Requested a New Facebook Password’

Hell no I didn’t.

Received an email this morning from something purporting to be Facebook (email: ). It says I recently requested a password change and asked me to click on a link at https://www.facebook.com, which looks real.

I did no such thing and I imagine one of three things is happening.

1. It’s an email scam. And lord help society if it is. Because considering some of the stupid shit I’ve seen Facebook users fall for, it’s the sort of scam that’s going to work very, very well. It could very well bring society to its knees! Cows will starve to death on Farmville!

2. Someone’s accidentally trying to get into my Facebook account. Says Facebook: “If you have received a Facebook password reset email that you did not request, it is likely that someone accidentally entered your email address or username when attempting to log in to their account. This often happens if you have a popular username or email address. As long as you do not click the link contained in the email, no action will be taken, and your account will remain secure.”

3. Someone’s purposely trying to get into my Facebook account, which … fuck me. Why? And if I find you, I will stab you about the neck and face.

6 thoughts on “‘You Requested a New Facebook Password’

  1. Careful–this just happened to me and my WordPress account. I got two e-mails in succession with the incredibly dire lead-in of “Someone requested that the password be reset for the following account.” It was followed with the more innocuous “If this was a mistake, just ignore this email and nothing will happen.” But holy hell, who’s trying to hack into a sad little blog, of all things? At least Facebook has all the dirt–a blog’s an open book. What more could they want?!

  2. So, wait, Wheaton…that WASN’T you who sent me a facebook message asking to borrow a bunch of money in small bills, and saying that you were really busy, so I should just leave the money in a dirty gymbag in the bus terminal and walk away? Cause I’m pretty sure it was signed “The Ken Wheaton that you know.”


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