Stressful Day in Fiji

Place is lousy with lizards (none of which we saw in the wild)
Not much to report on yesterday. We stayed near the Outrigger. Walked over to Kula Eco Park and touched some iguanas. Heh. That’s what she said. The iguanas in Fiji are small – so small they’re almost actually cute, unlike those ugly monster lizards I lived with for a while in college who’d sidle up to me whenever I was eating and be like, “Gimme a lima bean” (sorry, Steph!).

Following some iguana fondling and snake holding, we walked around the park, which is in essence a tiny zoo consisting mostly of birds, plants, a few lizards, a couple of sea turtles and bats. Finally, I could see one of these bats up close and personal and take a picture and . . . well, the bat seemed even more excited to see me.

Be careful where you point that thing!

After that, we returned to the hotel and were carted up to Bebe spa up the hill for a one-hour couple’s massage. We had our feet exfoliated with sugar and mango and god knows what else before being oiled up and rubbed down to the point that it was all we could do to string a coherent sentence together after the hour was up. We wandered over to the hill top bar for a fruity drink and some tapas, then carted back down to the hotel where we unwound from such a stressful day by sitting poolside.

Shhhh. Quiet zone.

I’m not even going to tell you what we’re doing today.

One thought on “Stressful Day in Fiji

  1. Awwwwww now come on. Really enjoying reading about your adventure with Cara.

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