Let Me Solve That Problem For Ya

Oh, the FAA.

The US Federal Aviation Administration today announced it is exploring ways to make it easier for airlines to allow travelers to use connected gadgets like phones, iPads, and tablet PCs during plane takeoff and landing.

Want to make it easier? JUST LET US USE THEM!

Know how I know it’s safe, FAA? Because on every single flight, I’d expect at least 10% of the people on the plane have left their electronic devices on, either accidentally or intentionally. Hell, I don’t even care about cellphones or internet. Maybe I’ll believe your paranoid lies about wireless devices bringing down a plane. But iPods and e-readers aren’t actually transmitting. My Nook isn’t any more likely to bring down the plane than that other passenger’s stupid paperback copy of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

But of course this is the FAA, so according to The Times:

Abby Lunardini, vice president of corporate communications at Virgin America, explained that the current guidelines require that an airline must test each version of a single device before it can be approved by the F.A.A. For example, if the airline wanted to get approval for the iPad, it would have to test the first iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad, each on a separate flight, with no passengers on the plane.

It would have to do the same for every version of the Kindle. It would have to do it for every different model of plane in its fleet. And American, JetBlue, United, Air Wisconsin, etc., would have to do the same thing.

One thought on “Let Me Solve That Problem For Ya

  1. I know this game, oh too well. its like trying to put a feature in a software. i cannot get a “zoom to fit” button unless i go out and poll every radiologist on the planet and mars first just to convince 1 engineer named zoltan that its a must have.

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