UPS Fail on Multiple Levels

Someone from the mail room here at work just dropped off a package that UPS couldn’t deliver. This was exceedingly strange.

The package, meant for my son, was sent out March 15. I’m just getting it back now?

The package was returned because recipient was not at that address. Pretty sure they didn’t move. Someone had scribbled over the address in black marker. Perhaps this is standard UPS procedure for a failed delivery. But I could see through the marker that the street said Yadda Yadda Drive SOUTH. In fact, the address I’d put down on the form was Yadda Yadda Drive EAST, which is where he actually lives.

The return address on the package was my home address. Yet this package was returned to me at work? How many levels of invasion of privacy and/or data breaching are involved with UPS making this particular connection considering I’m pretty sure I did not put my work address down on the form I filled out?

I walk over to the UPS Store. Turns out the computer keeps trying to autocorrect Yadda Yadda Drive East to Yadda Yadda Drive South. Good job, robots and computers. (GPS Units aren’t big fans of my son’s neighborhood either, but still.)

The guy at the UPS Store overrode the computer, printed a new label and a new receipt and said, “I’ll just let you go on this one since it was our fault.”

Gee, ya think? I appreciate that I didn’t have to fight for this one, but thanks for sounding like you were doing me a favor. Hell, considering the package will get there close to a month late — if it gets there (and I have no confidence it will) — I should have demanded a full refund and the damn thing be resent overnight.

2 thoughts on “UPS Fail on Multiple Levels

  1. Does you son still live in Lafayette? I remember when Daphne and Courtney shared a house down town. They said when UPS had a delivery on their street, the guy wouldn’t even get out of his truck. He’d just sit in front of the house and lay into the horn until someone came out. If no one did, he’d just take off without leaving the package.

  2. He’s outside of Baton Rouge. It’s one of those neighborhoods that seems to have had different plans at different points for the subdivision. But still no excuses.

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