Paging Nelson Muntz

What a beautiful morning for running. 58 degrees? No humidity? At the end of June? Get the hell outta here! If it hadn’t been a stupid conditioning day, I probably could have done a 10 mile run. Backwards. It was that nice out.

By the way, I’m till raising money for TNT, so bust out the wallet!

Bonus, non-running related anecdote. As I’m running into the park, there’s a woman running out and she spots something on the ground and for about three seconds starts to freak out. Eyes get big, hands start fluttering, feet start high-stepping and she says, “Oh my god, oh no.”

There was a smushed snake in the road. A smushed, plush snake, I should explain — some child’s discarded stuffed animal, soggy from last nights rain, it’s tongue hanging out. The woman saw me seeing her make a bit of a fool out of herself and blushed. Sometimes I wish I could do a Nelson Muntz impression, because, “Ha ha!”

Did 6 400M uphills with downhill recovery. I possibly could have done more, but last time I did these (before Brooklyn Half), I screwed up my hamstring. I’m also still breaking in the Spidey shoes.

1.15 mile warmup.
Uphill 1: 1:46.0
Recovery: 1: 3:00

Uphill 2: 1:48
Recovery: 2:56

Uphill 3: 1:49
Recovery: 2:59

Uphill 4: 1:53
Recovery: 2:58

Uphill 5: 1:53
Recovery: 3:08

Uphill 6: 1:49
Recovery: 1:24 (not a full 400 obviously)

Then stretching and a little strength training.

Also, in technology-related annoyances. Thanks to DailyMile for not syncing with Garmin this morning. And thanks to Garmin for finding the perfect beeping pitch to send one of the dogs into a mini seizure.

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