Coach Kenny and the Case of the Stomach Cramps

Sometimes the coach must do what the trainee needs, not what the coach wants. This morning the coach really, really wanted to stay in bed. But Cara’s been struggling to get her motivation going AND she wanted to do hill runs in the park BUT runs at 5:30 and wasn’t sure if it was safe to go alone before the sun was completely up. So Coach Kenny dragged his ass out of bed a full two hours before he typically does (hell, let’s be honest: a full three and a half hours) to go running in the park.

Also, we have Book of Mormon tickets for this evening, so there was no way we could punk out and say, “Let’s run tonight” (and then just get home after work and watch Big Bang Theory reruns and feel smug because hey, at least we don’t run like Penny and Sheldon).


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