Response to Newsweek’s ‘Wimp’ Piece

Newsweek, so unoriginal it is recycling cover concepts from the Bush/Dukakis race, has a thumbsucker of a piece about Mitt Romney’s ‘wimp’ problem. I could go on about the convoluted pile of stupidity, but it’s so stupid that a) I’m not providing a link and b) I’ll let heavy-weight intellectual film “Billy Madison” handle the duties.

One thought on “Response to Newsweek’s ‘Wimp’ Piece

  1. Did they think this would complement the earlier image they tried to saddle him with? So he’s a vicious corporate raider…poindexter wimp?? Isn’t this the same thing that the left tried to do with George Bush? “Why, he’s an evil genius! But if you don’t buy that, then he’s a bumbling idiot…”

    It’s worth noting that one of the rationales he uses is that Romney is “just too smart” to be president. I suppose that depends on whom you’re comparing him to.

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