The Bronx 10 Miler

Yesterday, ran the NYRR Bronx 10 Miler. Official time: 1:22:33

Not ideal, but I’m happy with it. I’d slacked off in Tampa two weeks ago and my 15 mile run last Sunday took it out of me. I’d been sick all week, so I took this one a little tentatively. Had gas left in the tank, so to speak. Which was surprising considering what I left in that porta-potty before the race!

Weather was great. And this was a pretty cool course, out and back, with only a few hills. And since I didn’t know where the hills were going to be, it wasn’t psychologically traumatic like running in Prospect Park, knowing you have to do the North Hill AGAIN.

Special note to the dude wearing Powered by Dim Sum shirt: SHUT UP! Jeebus M. Crow, can you just shut up for two minutes during a race? You know, you’d probably have finished a lot faster it you would have shut it with the mindless, inane chatter. I would rather have listened to an hour and 20 minutes of Ke$ha than you. I guess your friend was too polite to say anything to you, but the fact that he wasn’t talking back should have told you something. Oh, and you’re upset because that one woman yelled at you? You deserved it for cutting across an entire pack of runners to get to the water station.

Also: When I came back to the finish line to cheer for Cara, saw a guy trip on the finish pads and do a face plant on the asphalt. Blood everywhere. Pretty gross.

But other than that, it was a pretty good race.

1 8:03.1 1.00 8:03
2 8:13.3 1.00 8:13
3 8:12.3 1.00 8:12
4 7:56.5 1.00 7:57
5 8:21.6 1.00 8:22
6 8:05.5 1.00 8:05
7 8:25.0 1.00 8:25
8 8:28.6 1.00 8:29
9 8:12.7 1.00 8:13
10 8:03.9 1.00 8:04

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