Kids and Their Marshmallow Treats

I'm so embarrassed.We switched dog-food brands this week. By which I mean we bought a new type of food for the dogs, not that Cara and I eat dog food and switched.

The new brand came highly recommended by the super helpful woman at the store (you know the type, she wouldn’t stop recommending things ten minutes after I’d made up my mind). She said her own dog loved it. It had freeze dried bits of RAW food. That sounded like something a dog would eat. (That and chicken, chocolate, pretzels, corn chips, cheese, peanut butter, Kleenex, ice cream, beef. But thankfully not poop. Or carrots.)

Things seemed promising when I brought the bag home as Lucy practically humped the thing. And if you know anything about our dogs, Sylvie is the one who likes to hump. (Sylvie is also the one who just plows through a bowl of food).

Then we served the food. And last night noticed Lucy making a bit of a mess. Normally, Lucy takes one piece of food out of the bowl and walks to some other apartment to chew up that one morsel. A very frugal and future-thinking dog, sometimes she will hide a morsel in a safe spot–you never know when zombies will strike your parents. You can see how Lucy eats in this video called How Lucy Eats.

But last night, she was making a pile right beside the bowl. And it seemed mostly like a pile of rejects, though every once in a while she’d return to the bits on the floor, give them a sniffing and then maybe eat one of them.

Then it occurred to me: She’s pulling a Lucky Charms!

She’s just going through the bowl and eating up the good stuff and tossing aside the rest. Crazy damn dog.

3 thoughts on “Kids and Their Marshmallow Treats

  1. Looks like a net zero calorie diet plan. Step 1. Put bed half the distance from the food bowl necessary to burn the calories equal to 1 morsel of food. Step 2. Walk from bed to bowl, get a morsel, return to bed. Step 3. Eat morsel. Step 4. Repeat

  2. Lucy was always a strange one with her food. I left Brooklyn with a few in my suitcase…. and that was after completely cleaning it out and repacking then zipping it up the night before my flight. She’s stealthy!

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