Fight Cancer and Dress Your Nekkid Dog

I'm so embarrassed.

Is your dog naked? Running around the house with all its naughty bits on display like some heathen? Well, we can change that.

Would you like your dog to look smart in a tuxedo, sexy in a swanky dress or spirited in your favorite team’s colors? Then you’re in luck.

As part of my fundraising efforts for Team in Training, I’m raffling off two (2) customized dog outfits from Syludu. You can get a sampling of the goods here. Of course, if you’re the lucky winner, you can simply pick one of those dresses. But you can also pick your own color combinations or themes — like a lime-green tuxedo, perhaps a TNT-purple dress or even a jersey or dress with your favorite football team (yes, even if you are the misguided sort who roots for the Alabama Crimson Tide of the Dallas Cowboys).

Want to enter? Go here!

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