The Things We Stash


We’re moving to a new office space next month. So that means cleaning out 13 years worth of desk junk.

Things found in my desk:

  • A number of 3.5-inch floppy disks (at least one dating back to college)
  • Sports Illustrated that came out right after Saints won the Super Bowl
  • three or four newspapers printed right after Katrina
  • a Ray Nagin in Your Pocket key-chain
  • a Ka-Bar knife
  • two rolls of toilet paper
  • complete set of Burger-King-issued toys from The Simpsons Movie (still in their individual bags);
  • bacon wallet (not really bacon, just looks like it)
  • check book from two banks ago
  • student-loan repayment booklet (long ago paid off)
  • chimp clock
  • set of plastic office chimps
  • plastic gorilla
  • assorted stuffed primates
  • Palm Pre
  • Maytag Man (and his dog) bobble head
  • Frank Perdue bobble head
  • George W. Bush bobble head
  • Kia hamster figure (wearing a Hamstar hooded sweat shirt)
  • a number of bottle openers
  • assorted thumb drives with lord-knows what own them
  • a hand-written list of old log-in/password information, including one for MySpace (I tried; it no longer works)
  • and a cassette tape of an interview I did with Gene Simmons from KISS in which he called men today a bunch of pussies because they get married and do what their wives tell them.

2 thoughts on “The Things We Stash

  1. Gene Simmons is correct.. I refuse to do anything my wife tells me, ill take a shower when I’m dam good and ready.

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