If You Were a Ski Jumper…

If the Salt Lake City jump looked this scary, just imagine...
If the Salt Lake City jump looked this scary, just imagine…

What we know about Sochi is that despite promises to the contrary, the city is laughably unprepared for the Winter Olympics. If you haven’t already, check out the story about journalists arriving at their hotels to find simple things missing — like shower curtains, floors and water that won’t eat your face. Also missing: rooms, beds, stall walls in public restrooms and manhole covers.

Of course, the official line is, “Nothing to see here you sissy Americans.” Funnily enough, another official line, regarding the rounding of stray dogs is that one reason it’s being done is to protect athletes from them running on to a course.

So. If you’re a ski jumper, how confident are you feeling about that ramp right about now?

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