And the Best Place to Get Cajun Food in New York Is . . .

Hard to get reservations at this joint.
Hard to get reservations at this joint.
Recently I did an interview with Deep South Magazine. I liked it because we talked less about Sweet as Cane, Salty as Tears and more about my favorite subject: me.
Actually, we talked a bit about the experience of being Cajun in New York. The first thing Erin Z. Bass asked me to do was to sum up that experience in just a few words. This is typically the sort of question that stops me in my tracks. I have to sit there and think about it for days. Cara once asked me what my favorite movie was. That was four years ago and I’m still working on it.
But then it came to me. The easiest way to sum up being Cajun in New York is the phrase: “No, I’m not from New Orleans.” Most of you from Louisiana — especially all the parts that aren’t New Orleans — will know exactly what I mean. (I do note the irony of this as most people outside of New York automatically assume all New Yorkers are from New York City–and New York is a much bigger state than Louisiana.)
We also talked about food! And where to get it. So go read! (Is this click-bait? You’ll have to click to find out. You won’t believe what happens next.)
Elsewhere, a few sources have read the book and said nice things about it.

SweetasCane“Wheaton’s third novel is a credible romp revealing the humor and tragedy of living in New York City as a single, middle-aged woman; growing up in the South; and learning how to lean on family to overcome shared devastations. … Well written and heartfelt.”  –Library Journal (full disclosure: this one came out in May, but I just found it recently while Googling myself.)
“It’s a fun book with a few laugh-out-loud moments, not to mention heartfelt touches that invariably lie beneath tough sibling behavior.” —Louisiana Book News, Chere Cohen (this also appeared in Gannett-owned papers The Lafayette Daily Advertiser and The Monroe News Star, but not in Gannett-owned Daily World. You know, where I grew up.)
““Ken Wheaton gets back to his Opelousas roots with a quick and cathartic read. It’s perfect for the beach; the surf will drown out the sound of you laughing to yourself.” — The Daily Advocate (Baton Rouge)
I’m trying to keep these things on a page of their own over here. And there’s the Facebook page, where I can mouth off a little more and keep folks posted on upcoming events. Looks like I may be doing two events in Louisiana the first week of October.

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