My First Post – An Unexpected Problem in the Yucatan

One of my oldest friends has started to share his travel stories and he starts out with a series of unfortunate events.

Cajun Traveler

Cancun, Mexico – 3/25/16

I never thought that I would be writing about this on my first ever travel blog post. I considered leaving this part of my journey out, however, I have always told myself if I’m finally going to start a travel blog, it will be honest, raw, and comprehensive. So here goes…

In over four years of extensive travel to over 30 countries, I found myself in a foreign country with no cash, credit or debit cards. My flight from Lafayette to Cancun, Mexico took just over three hours. This situation could have been a lot worse had I been farther from home in a less populated or third world non-English speaking country. Luckily, I was is one of the most modern and touristy cities in Mexico. Like most cities, the airport is set on the outskirts of town so to get to Zona Hotelera it takes…

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