Dr. No: Four Tips to Having a Bad Attitude at Work

I'm so embarrassed. For you.
“This idea is so stupid, I can’t even look.”

The eye-roller. The stop sign. The “Pffft” person. The guy who refuses to say “Yes, but…” and instead says “Let me stop you right there.” Or just: “No.”

Every workplace has one. Every workplace needs one. In a world of yes men, kiss-asses, “we are family” types and the like, there has to be someone who stands athwart the bridge to doom, shouting, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS.”

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It’s Training Men

A few years back, The New York Times ran a piece about the troubles with training men. It was called “What Training Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage.” It even featured an illustration of a woman holding a hoop, through which her husband was jumping. (Interestingly, one of the lessons wasn’t about how to avoid your husband grabbing you with his teeth and dragging you along underwater until you drown.)

The piece was meant to be funny in the way that Times and New Yorker pieces are too often “funny.” Upon reading them, people may be prompted to say, “Oh, that’s too funny” instead of, you know, actually laughing.
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