Oh No Katydidn’t!

On the 4 Train from Brooklyn, this morning, while reading the epilogue of A Dance With Dragons (holy shit, what am I going to do for the next five years), I felt something on my arm. I look glance over and there, sitting on my elbow, is a giant-as katydid. On my arm! While I’m riding the subway! In New York! I flinched. I’ll admit that much. And some guy standing over by the door smirked at me. But I recovered quickly and reached for my phone to take a picture. But by the time my HTC EVO 3D’s camera came online, katydid done took off in flight. She flew right for the head of Sir Smirk-a-lot, who practically threw himself on the floor to avoid the bug–and he, in turn, received a big-ass smirk from the woman standing across from him.

Anyway: Subway adventures.