Sharks and Savala

Check this one out.

Please imagine the theme song to Jaws as you look at this photo

What I like about the photo is it makes it seem there’s a really big shark closing in on Cara and me as we snorkel off of Savala, an uninhabited island off the coast of Fiji. It’s lurking there, sizing us up. Are we worth pursuing?

Can you feel the excitement? Can you feel the danger?

Of course, marine biologists and shark nerds can probably spot that it’s just a reef shark. And the truth of the photo is this: I took it lying on my belly in about six inches of water. The shark is maybe six feet away and is itself maybe a foot and a half long. How non-scary were these sharks? Cara spotted them first from the beach and, I kid you not, practically chased after them on foot — then donned snorkel gear and went in looking for them.

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