Governors Island Race

Yesterday, we ran the Get Outside on Governors Island 10K. According to the Garmin, I finished in 49:16. This is unofficial time, but I think it’s close enough to official time (which was posted on a board after the race but hasn’t been posted online yet, which is fine by me.)

I wasn’t going for a PR (that’s technical running jargon for Personal Record). Or that’s what I told myself. I ran a total of 8 miles on Saturday and yesterday’s was the hottest race I’ve run this season. And I didn’t get a PR. Considering heat and the previous day’s training, I’m perfectly happy with the pace, but it WAS slower than my Brooklyn Half pace. Started out strong, but faded. Oh well.

I’d highly recommend this race. It was a lot of fun. And different. Check out the map. Ridiculous amount of turns, narrow paths, cobble stones, bricks, grass, running through a moat. (Did not wear the Spidey shoes for this one)

Was a little concerned about the narrow paths, but aside from the first twenty feet after the start, this race didn’t feel crowded at all. And for the $20-something dollar entry fee, you get a really good shirt (Ladies, they had women-specific shirts as well), a decent bag and a metal water bottle. Oh, and a good race on beautiful Governors Island. Definitely will do this one again.

1 7:48.9 1.00 7:49
2 7:44.3 1.00 7:44
3 8:00.8 1.00 8:01
4 8:04.7 1.00 8:05
5 8:13.4 1.00 8:14
6 8:38.9 1.00 8:39