A Whole Latke Loving Going On

A few years ago, I was asked to make Latkes. I’m from Louisiana, I said. What do I know from making Latkes, I asked. Bupkis, that’s what, I said.

So I turned to the web and found a recipe on NYCnosh called “Possibly the Best Latkes We Have Ever Eaten (Sorry, Bubbe).” I figured if they were apologizing to Bubbe, these things had to be good. So I went with one of the more labor intensive cooking projects I’ve ever done. It also deviates from traditional Latke recipes to the point that NYCnosh felt the need to have an entire explanation about why you should sit down, shut up and just eat them before judging. The deviation? Mashed potatoes. Yes! Mashed. (The mission was to create a Latke that tasted just like the ones you get in Jewish delis and restaurants.)
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