An Open Letter to People Who Write Open Letters

Dear You,

No one asked for your opinion, so please put a cork in it. And even though I might find myself in agreement with some of what you have written, I have to wonder why you (or your assistant) just couldn’t find an email address — or, god forbid, a snail mail address — and send an actual letter to the person you’ve decided to lecture in public. Why, if I were a cynical sort, I’d suspect this was some sort of publicity play, some need to get a little bit of the old spotlight on yourself. But I’d hate to cast aspersions.

Of course, you could argue that maybe your intended target of shame wouldn’t see or respond to personal communication. Do you think they’re going to respond to your public grandstanding? They might! But not in any sort of positive or constructive way.

But what I’d really like to get across is this: Shut up.


The rest of us