Park Slope Co-op’ers not so bright after all

Let me be clear. I’ve lived near Park Slope (Windsor Terrace, Prospect Heights). We’ve also put two bids on two separate places in the Slope in the last two months. I’ve got nothing against the Slope in general. But just as I’ve sworn up and down I will never set foot in the office of a couple’s counselor, I will also never set foot inside the Park Slope Co-op. Organic food’s fine and all, but I’m too damn old to be working part-time is a wee fascist grocery store for the pleasure of eating organic food and being subjected to the sort of political thinking (and talking) that would cause me to slay someone with a giant root vegetable.

So I was more than delighted to see this piece on a NYTimes blog in which the Cream of the Food Police Crop consistently guessed the calorie count wrong just because the words “Trans-fat free” were added to a photo: “The other half of the Park Slopers were shown the same salad and drink plus two Fortt’s crackers prominently labeled ‘Trans Fat Free.’ The crackers added 100 calories to the meal, bringing it to 1,034 calories, but their presence skewed people’s estimates in the opposite direction.” (And, yes, I find this funny precisely because it validates my world-view.)

2 thoughts on “Park Slope Co-op’ers not so bright after all

  1. So be cynical. The co-op doesn’t need you, anyway, flush as it currently is with success, if the volume of shoppers and merch to be stocked is any indication. And it’s not all organic food; there are lots of other big-brand goods for 20-40% less than anyone pays anywhere else. Go ahead, get ripped off in the typical for-profit grocery store, where you buy less quantity and quality for a lot more of your money. There’s a store on 7th Ave. called Back to the Land. Back to the Bank is more accurate. Shop there, no one at PSFC gives a shit. And you can jam your snide remarks about ‘fascist grocery store’. I’ve been a member of PSFC since 1983. I’ve never seen, heard or heard of a fascist or its style of rule within its walls.

  2. Yeah, must agree with the other person who commented here. What’s wrong with the co-op? My partner and I are members, which means that for about three hours once a month we have to do some work there. In return we get good food (lots of local and organic fare) at great prices. Don’t really see how anyone can object to this sort of thing. If you do — well, then you don’t have to join.

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