Historic Inauguration Jumps Shark?

Super Liberal Scrabble Runner-up and wannabe poker champion Dawn Summers says: “If I hear the phrase ‘historic inauguration’ one more time…it will mean that I have the TV on again.” (Except she spelled inauguration wrong, which may explain the inability to go the distance in those Scrabble tournaments. That and she’s a Patriots fan.)

But seriously, America’s biggest and best party ever? I’d accuse the networks of being in the tank and forgetting that close to half the country voted for that other dude and the lady with the annoying accent. But the truth is, the TV networks are so hard up for mass-market “event programming”–the kind that people watch live, rather than TiVoing–they can’t really be blamed for trying to pretend that this is the Super Bowl. Especially since the Super Bowl’s going to suck this year.

But things are bad when even media watcher Rachel Sklar, who’s Twitter feed has been basically quivering with historical excitement (or cold) as she tweets from D.C., wrote this morning: “I may get a *little* tired of the word “historic” before the day is out.” (On a slightly related note, I wonder if the Twitterati, texters and Blackberry pilots are going to freak out when they overload the system today and shut down the cellular and wireless services.)

Dawn Summer’s post is a pretty good one and shows that she’s not completely crazy. I say that mostly because she’s with me on this one. The same people who point and laugh at those who praise Ronald Reagan are running around like Jehovah’s on the day Jesus comes back — and Barack Obama hasn’t even done anything yet (except make white people feel like they’re no longer racist).

Dawn continues: “I’m all for great minds running the country for a change, but Obama’s got another election to win, the US will never win any world popularity contests and there will always be war.”

For that remark, Dawn Summers will get a complimentary trip to Guantanamo, where she’ll be allowed to stay until it’s closed at some point during Obama’s second term.

2 thoughts on “Historic Inauguration Jumps Shark?

  1. “Especially since the Super Bowl’s going to suck this year.”

    Heh. Dead Serious beat me to it. But maybe you’re wrong on whether Obama will debate Coburn….

    Oh. Yeah.

    That will never happen. Or anything vaguely resembling it. After all, He won.

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