Why I Skip Starbucks in the Morning

I’m not a Starbucks hater. But I don’t frequent the place for my weekday morning cup of coffee. Why? Price for one. I’m only getting regular coffee. And Starbucks doesn’t taste that any better than the cup I’m getting from the street vendor — Sammy on 44th Street and Third. So I can go to Starbucks, wait in line for five minutes while the latte-swillers confuse the baristas with over-complicated orders. Then pay close too two bucks for a cup of coffee and then put the milk and sugar in myself.

Or I can go to Sammy, say hello and have him recognize me and prepare my coffee for me just the way I like it for the low-low price of 1.25. Not only that, he’ll point out the hot women walking by while jamming to some kicking Egyptian beats. And, on days like today, when he’s feeling good, he’ll give me a free damn donut. A FREE DONUT!

Starbucks is a great place for a third place. When I need to sit and write and drink some coffee, there are few places better. But Starbucks will not give you a free donut.

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