Disappointing Thousands, Saving Millions

“Keeping with many scientific studies but disappointing thousands of parents of children with autism, a panel of court-appointed experts Thursday denied compensation for three families who claimed thimerosal-containing vaccine combinations caused their children’s autism.” That’s according to this Newsday story.

As much as I hate to disappoint all those parents, it annoys me that this was being handled in the courts in the first place. This is a scientific public-health issue and not something to be decided by a few thousand broken-hearted families desperately looking for answers.

Earlier this week, it was discovered that a Lancet study looking into this was likely bogus. What I didn’t realize that this study looked at 12 children. TWELVE!?! Are you kidding me? How that was the basis for anything is almost as mysterious as why anyone would believe numbers from a Lancet study anyway.

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