AmEx Won’t Take Crap from Obama Committee

Woman donates $10,000 to Barack Obama’s Presidential Inaugural Committee using her American Express with the understanding that she’ll get a damn good seat at the inauguration. (I’m not going to question her judgment for the time being.)

Because of massive security screw-ups throughout the day (which I guess the media saw no need to report at the time), she didn’t get anywhere near the event. She requests a refund.

I think we all know the bipartisan answer to the question, “Hey Mr. Politician, can I have my damn money back?” If you’re a little slow on the uptake, the answer is, “Hahahaha. You’re funny. Now how much are planning to give for re-election?”

So she totally pulls a credit-card chargeback. Amex’s response? “No problem. Here’s your ten grand. We’ll deal with those punks down at PIC.”

Now here’s where I question her judgment.

But after it appeared she would be getting a refund this month, Blessman wrote in an email to the Sleuth, “The PIC did what was honorable and acted in a way consistent with the values we personally know the Obamas hold.”

As the WaPo’s Sleuth points out, the PIC had nothing to do with her getting her money back. But whatever. Good to see that American Express will stand up for you even if — nay, especially if — you’re a gullible idiot.

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