You Call It Orgasmic Meditation …

I call it paying some pervert to watch you finger your girlfriend. Read the whole thing.

OneTaste is an organization founded in 2004, with the goal of fusing spirituality and sexuality, and orgasmic meditation — something of a signature practice — is seen as a way of directly accessing spiritual energy and of breaking through the barriers around sexual contact. The technique is practiced either in a group setting or privately between couples, and is being taught here next month in a series of workshops at the downtown center.

Why stop there? Why not just gather up your hairiest and most out-of-shape friends, make it a group outing and call the producers of “Real Sex.” [Via Gawker]

4 thoughts on “You Call It Orgasmic Meditation …

  1. That story was insane! And the photos totally grossed me out. I feel sorry for that innocent-looking blonde chick who was the demo dame for those freaks. She must have boundary issues that would take a team of shrinks to fix!

  2. That they took the info from some place else and renamed it to be more marketable is the thing (i.e. spritual) that creeps me out. I wonder how the people who teach the real deliberate orgasm feel about this.

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