Park Slope Parents Will Pay for Anything

Park Slope Parents are set to pay $25 a year to listen to each other bitch, moan and operatic (in the Bugs Bunny sense) discussions about gender normalization for kids. I guess those who run the board figured you could mug someone in Park Slope and they wouldn’t identify you to the cops.

If you don’t have the pleasure of living in the Brooklyn area and don’t know what it is I’m talking about, read those last two links to revel in the stereotypes of hyper-privileged, over-analytical whingers that have come to be synonymous with the neighborhood. These are the sort of people who would get blown up by a suicide bomber in the middle of prattling on about how terrorism is just a construct created by Western colonialism. (The stereotypes also gave rise to one of my favorite Brooklyn blogs.)

Of course, I’ve lived in Park Slope in the past and, considering the market, the chances of me moving to Park Slope in the near future are hovering around 95%. And while I would never sign up for Park Slope Parents Listserve, I’ve seen some of the OTHER posts and know that it ISN’T all about enforcing the postmodern claptrap they learned in grad school or from the commies down at the Food Co-op. So I know you can get useful information on the Listserve–just like you can get some decent deals on root vegetables at the Co-op. If you’re into that sort of thing.

My prediction? Not all content wants to be free. People love to have a handy list of tips–especially if it’s served up with a huge side of reinforcing your own belief system (just look at Fox News). And twenty-five bucks a year is nothing. Park Slope Parents Listserve will not only survive, I’d bet the core group of members will fork over $25 per year. Hell, it may even turn a profit at some point (if it so chooses).

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