Nation’s First Black President Tells U.N. to Stuff Anti-Racism Conference

Good for the Obama administration.

A major United Nations anti-racism conference was thrown into further disarray Sunday when more countries joined a U.S. boycott amid concerns it was developing into a platform for attacking Israel.

The United Nation’s anti-racism efforts make about as much sense as its Human Right Commission, both of which have turned into little more than pot-clanging lunatic shelters for the likes of Iran, Sudan and other countries that have elevated torture and violation of human rights to art forms. Sure. Let’s take lessons on racism from the sort of anti-Semites who would make Hitler seem like a Jew-lover. These are people that want to make it illegal to joke about their religion while calling Jews a bunch of baby-killing, half-pig/half-ape vampires.

The United Nations is a joke. The fact that it was George W. Bush saying as much for the last eight years didn’t make it any less a statement of fact. Perhaps one benefit of having Democrats in charge will be that we can ALL admit that without being called torture-happy right-wing reactionaries. When it comes to attacking the U.S., the West, and the sorts of civilizations that gave it life, it’s a cacophony of ankle-biting goons. When it comes to doing something–anything–about actual evil and true threats to the world at large, it’s both blind and toothless.

Of course, there’s always one bunch of useful idiots in our midst (and it’s typically this same bunch). The Congressional Black Caucus, last seen on its knees sucking off the Castro regime, is “deeply dismayed” that the Obama administration didn’t itself embrace a knee-jerk response just because the brain trust in the U.N. decided to call its hate fest an “anti-racism” conference. I don’t expect our elected representatives to have IQs much higher than a box of saltines, but these clowns continually fail to meet even my basement-level expectations.

7 thoughts on “Nation’s First Black President Tells U.N. to Stuff Anti-Racism Conference

  1. Great post agree entirely especially the part the part about sucking of Castro. The bit on Islam was good to. It’s true a lot of them don’t return the same respect they expect themselves. All religions should be equally open to attack. I hate all these people who go around attacking Christianity but don’t have the balls to take on the prophet and Islam. Nothing against the prophet and Islam but it should at least be as open to attack as all the other religions. Anyways just my two cents, Good post have a nice day love the sarcasm.

  2. this is all nonsense. Of course there will be serious disagreements when a 100 countries with very different perspectives on life will gather. That increases to need to participate even, not less. The fact that countries like Iran are participating should be encouraged. The more human rights violating countries are participating the better. The less human rights participating countries participate the worst. It seems that you have no understanding of the purpose of this conference.

  3. “Let’s take lessons on racism …”
    We don’t need to take lessons from anybody. We’ve elevated bigotry and prejudice to high art. Just look at your comment.
    “The United Nations is a joke.”
    The United Nations is the only peaceful forum left for nations reeling against American cultural exceptionalism and political imperialism. To boycott the conference in favor of Israel gives credence to our enemies’ claim of American hypocrisy and political intransigence.
    “…sucking off the Castro regime…”
    What an intelligent and cogent analysis of men trying to make peace. You should display your swastikas and KKK symbols at the top of the page, proudly, for all to see. You should be proud you’ve lived up to your own “basement-level expectations.”

  4. “The United Nations is the only peaceful forum left for nations reeling against American cultural exceptionalism and political imperialism.”

    i like that line. May I borrow it?

    There are a lot of problems with the UN. But that is the case for every major organization that tries to do good. Because they are made up of human beings, not perfect robots. And it doesn’t take away the fact that the UN is a rare forum for the exchange of thoughts and ideas. Such an exchange should be encouraged. Too many people have stopped talking to people they disagree with. Once you stop talking there is no other route but violence to solve our differences.

  5. Give me a break. Talking solves so much doesn’t it? Talking does shit. This isn’t high school. This isn’t about self-esteem and everyone just understanding each other. Talking worked out so well to avoid WW2, didn’t it? Why Chamberlain crossed the channel and talked us all right out off that one. And I’m sure if we’d just sat down with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, we could have avoided the first Trade Center bombing. And U.S.S. Cole. And the second Trade Center bombing. Besides I’m sure they–and the savages that run Iran–would be very receptive to our take on freedom, in particular religious freedom, women’s rights and gay rights. I don’t NEED to talk (or listen) to those assholes to know that government sanctioned execution of gays and honor raping women isn’t my idea of human rights. But hey, that’s just my cultural imperialism talking. Crazy old me, expecting women to be able to drive or people to worship whatever ridiculous God they want to without worrying about getting beheaded.
    The U.N. is a peaceful body, is it? No. It’s, a useless body. Go ask the millions dead in Cambodia and Rwanda where the U.N. was. Go ask those in Darfur. And even when the U.N. does some little bit of good–like trying to protect children in Africa–it can’t do so without its staffers raping the local population. Hell, even in disaster relief, it preens around as if it’s King Shit, when in fact, most of said relief is transported by our military, is paid for by our government and even more so comes in through American relief charities (but, hey, that’s nothing compared to the “pledges” and “resolutions” of support of the U.N.).
    Is the U.S. the be all, end all? No. We stood by and let Rwanda happen. But you’ll also remember that Clinton had to go into Kosovo without U.N. sanction because they were too pathetic to help.
    By the way, I’d love to hear what either of you would say if some knuckle-headed Republican in the U.S. floated some of the ideas coming out of this conference about protecting religion from the horrors of jokes and criticism. I’m sure you’d both declare the return of Hitler then go hide under your bed crying because the Religious Right is gonna get you. But because this has the stamp of approval of the U.N., it’s perfectly fine.
    And leftover, way to jump immediately to KKK comparisons and assume I’m the racist here. That’s right. I’m sure Obama’s got a robe in his closet as well. Or is he just caving to a vast Zionist conspiracy? And if you believe that, maybe you should sign up for the Klan. You sound like you’d fit right in.

  6. kenwheaton – Bravo, it needed to be said. U.N. = lots of yak yak yak but little or no action. The U.S. is certainly at fault of racism and bigotry (within and outside of the borders) and our hands are not clean. That being said I still utterly believe that the U.S. is the safe haven for justice and inclusion. No we are not perfect but we are the best hope for the moment. I hope we can one day live up to the the words and ideals of our own wonderful Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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